Sunday, December 30, 2007


Wishing everyone the best for the coming year.

Myles the Magnificent

Myles sets the note for hope for the future, A young man just coming to grips with being a participant in our shared voyage on Spaceship Earth. Just returned from his first os trip & setting out on stage 2 in a few months.

So I've montaged a few of his travel pix & set them in environments he can aspire to next time, having had his first taste of Himalayan trekking & snowboarding in NZ.

The view out the door is what you see from the top of Everest on a clear day. The northern lights are in Greenland.

So there's a couple of extreme goals for you mate!

Meanwhile steady rain as east coast low stalls on Qld coast - will it become a cyclone? We haven't had one for a while. The rain has been falling for 15 weeks (except for a few sunny days mid-November). At last the springs are running and one fall flushed the system & the creeks briefly rose, so if it keeps up we may have welcome floods soon.

What a great way to start the New Year with the gift of WATER!


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Evolution Thru Diversity

Made this for a Competition in DeviantART, so thought I'd share it here too.

A compilation of a few fractals I've made since I recently started creating them again. Last time was 1992 with Fractint. Now I've found Apophysis my life has changed completely. As you see from the posts below, I'm very busy on my journey of discovery. Loving every minute. Feel like I've found the access code to Ali Baba's cave. Riches beyond belief.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Ivory Towers

Enjoyed making this today.

Another wonder from Apophysis. This one came from a script I didn't write over a flame I didn't create using a gradient that isn't mine either. Production details here.

Such is Apophysis - the fractalist can create something unique from all the resources created and freely shared by others , thus even I can enjoy the privilege of presenting something like this to the world. Hope you like it.


It's still raining, the tanks are full, the creeks and rivers are up and running a'banka .

Tuesday, December 11, 2007



Playing around in Apophysis, still, of course, finding the mutations of the Biomorphica flame Spiral Galaxy endlessly fascinating. Thank you again Thomas Williams. I've been exploring his work. Love it all.

Came up with many usable results & decided I was in a pearly mood, so created pearls in PSCS2 & added them to the mutations.

Here are a couple of results. More on Flickr site.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Appy Apo

Another day, another batch of Apophysis wonders emerges from my machine.

Trying for some silvery fx with some small success.

For this beautiful gradient I owe Biomorphica (Thomas Williams) for the gradient in his Spiral Galaxy flame .

See more of same series & production details on DevianTART & Flickr, via links on Anu Links on right side bar.






Beautiful endless wet weather.

Tank full, nightly boom crash opera dumping inches between 0100-0200 (a.m.) with close lightning crashing too close as I lie, resigned to fate's whims, in my mozzie-netted bed under the roaring tin roof in the haze of fine spray that permeates all. Today the heat of the day will dry all again.

It's definitely drought breaking. been going for weeks now on an almost daily basis & the forecast is weeks of it to come. I'm definitely NOT complaining. Daily baths are still a new delight for this old dolphin.

And here comes the Silly Season - ho ho ho, ha ha ha, he he he, hi hi hi, hu ...?

Hu is Anu. Love 2U2.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Homage to Escher

Been working on a series of Escher-esq images in Apophysis 2.07beta based on 5spiralsInline flame of DeviantART's Fractal-Impact Mixed flame pack . Used the Super Susan script of Phoenixkeyblack, also from deviantART. Good site that!

Came up with a whole swag of images Escher would love. I do too. I keep thinking what he might have done with fractal generators like Apophysis. I am definitely a hobbit being carried on the backs of giants & wizards....wither....?

So here's a small sample from my series:

Homage to M.C. Escher

I'll leave them nameless. You can check out more of them on my Flickr & DevianART sites, click on links in Anu Links at right.

Good rain is falling, with the odd thunderstorm. Sandflies very bitey.

It seems like the people are finally working around the war lord mentalities that have dominated thinking & media noise for so long. Of course there's nothing like the terrifying scenario of rising sea levels to focus minds to mutual survival.

But still our numbers grow. Oz is now 21 million. Land of the Ruddites.

Somehow the population pressure/carrying capacity keeps being whited out of the equation. Doesn't it occur to the decision makers that less people means less pollution, less impacts on the biosphere? Ah yes...the elephant in the room. We don't want to go there, do we!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Anu Ruddy Day

Last day of Spring 07. Hello summer! What will this summer bring......?

Below are some of my latest exercises on Apophysis.
I have found Perspective (at last, sigh some!)





Seeds form & disperse



All credits go to the Wizards of Apophysis who can be found, mostly on deviantART site - see link top right under Anu Links

Monday, November 26, 2007


Yesterday spent creating images with Apophysis 3D Hack using the 3D WizardSoup script by ulliroyal.

They reflect the optimism I feel with the Ruddslide victory.

Wizard flowers are rising, spreading the magic through our lives - Kyoto ratified, work choices sorted, health & education bettered, Aborigines getting a more humane deal AND the big "Sorry", climate change addressed in useful ways, good women in the top jobs at last.

The pain lifts away - a great flowering of the nation's potential is happening.
Humanity can flourish.

I think back to the arrogance of the barking would-be dictator who kept telling us how tough love was good for us, ignoring all the issues that had us in strait jackets under his regime.

He may have believed his lies, but we didn't.

Now the Emperor has no clothes, in fact he hasn't even got a seat. .
Good on you Maxine McKew! She showed him, didn't she!
How to dance home laughing all the way.

Howard, like all arrogant people, now learns the cost of hubris and will be eating humble pie for the rest of his days. It is one thing to be our longest serving P.M., it is quite another to be loved by the people. He will learn that saying sorry from the heart is the mark of a good person. He claimed to be one, but his actions said otherwise.

So these surreal flowers below are a reflection of how I see it all happening now, here in Oz, as Kevin Rudd , Julia Gillard and their team step up and start the challenging tasks of creating health, wisdom & happiness in the face of very grim global prospects ahead.


This one below, created in Apophysis 2.07beta, came out of a DeviantART bubbles flames set with shaun-rules-4eva Simple Oils script run over 4th flame. Perhaps it reflects the cold hard jewels of those who would control us as hive slaves in an inhumane economically rationalised world.


See more of these images on my Flickr pages.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Carried on the Shoulders of Giants

My latest batch of Apophysis images. All of them owe more to the genius of the DeviantART crew than my Apophysis abilities.
here for the production details.

Julia's Star Flowers.

In honor of Julia Gillard
who today became our 1st woman Deputy Prime Minister.
Better times ahead!
Well done Julia!

Hear This!
It sings.

Wind of the Sun.

Kaeltyk Egg.
My version of Kaeltyk's flame.

Nights of Apophysis can do this to you.

Today is K1.
The first day of Kevin. At last the country can become more humane under his guidance. The harshness of the last government did not create a happy population. Here's hoping Kevin, Julia and their team can right the wrongs and get us fulfilled in all we can be as a nation in the planetary arena. The coming trials of climate, economics, overpopulation and so much more beyond our control, will be a daunting challenge.

All good children go to Kevin! He's definitely one of the good guys. Get behind the new team and be part of the solution. Together we can do it.

Congratulations to all who helped make the change to a better Australia.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

Other Universes in Apophysis

Been in a fanciful surreal mood today so had a day of Photoshop and assembled these Apophysis flames I created from randoms, overlaid with scripts from various DeviantART artists (go there for production details).

Cybervers Swarming

Arcturus here We Come

Spideyverses Far Far Away

Well, it's what I call FUN.

..and we're climbing the stairway to Kevin....
4 days to Anu Oz

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Apophysis Tutorials

Been hard at work on Apophysis tutorials from the DeviantART site (see Anu Links) this last day or so. So much to learn in this amazing fractal generating tool. Obsession is the order of my daze.

I want to stress:

Below is the result I got from the DragonWinter Flower Tutorial from the Apophysis chatroom I attended today.
here for that tutorial transcript.

DragonWinter (DeviantART) Flower Tutorial Result.

Below is the result of another DeviantART Apophysis tutorial by Claire Jones, entitled
RINGS2 & Julian Guide, downloadable as a pdf file from here

Night in the Jungle
My attempt at the Claire Jones Rings 2 Tutorial

I am very happy with these results....wouldn't you be?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Apophysis Rules

More Apophysis, some better than others.

Rainbow Bridge to the Golden Road to Tomorrow

Something tells me I'll be embarrassed about this in due course -
somewhat lurid (=takky).

Fire Beast

Remembering Greece & rest of S.Europe & California recently.

Flowery, Flowery Night

Learning to make flowers w thanks to Gygrazok on DevianART

Pearly Spiral
..last light of a sulphrous sunset on a mystyTwysty Mt. Athos?

All credits & production details are on DeviantART posts - go to Anu Links on side bar.

I am getting it...slowly......

Monday, November 12, 2007


I've never been addicted to anything before. Suddenly I'm finding myself possessed by Apophysis, something so irresistible, so all devouring, pure fascinatio.

The following are some of my recent attempts to understand how Apophysis works.
The dog is still walking me.

These images only evolved via me due to various generous genius , mostly to be found on the DeviantART site. Cabin Tom, Claire Jones, Halcyon83, Ali, x-seraphin, Rozrr, shrapnlHunter, shortgreenpigg, shaun_rules_4eva, Sya, Saisao, exper, being just a few I owe more than I can say - scripts, flames, tutorials, gradients, tips and the art they produce themselves - all so inspirational.

The following I'd especially like to thank:

Mark Townsend for Apophysis
Erik Reckase for FLAM3
Joel Faber for tutorials and variations
Michael Faber for tutorials
Peter "Zueuk" Sdobnov for 3D and other variations
Piotr Borys for his 2.06 work
Elizabeth Tomchek for her scripts
Thomas Desloges for his scripts
Claire Jones for her tutorials
shaun_rules_4eva for his scripts, his art & just being the crazy spirit he is.

Thanks all of you.

I can't call these my own work, they all owe too much to the sources they evolved from. It's rather like saying you grew the fruit on a tree, when the tree grew the fruit , someone else planted & tended the tree for many years and you just harvested the latest crop

I dedicate these to you, (above), the Wizards of Apophysis.


I ran the shortgreenpigg's Jelly Bean script over a random flame & twitched it.

Some Of All Fears.

Sun Star
Having fun in the sun of Valcali's flames.

If you want to see the work of the real Wizards of Apophysis, click on the deviantART link on sidebar on right.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Flaming Arrow

FU 2

Another shaft thru what once was my heart, now polymorfd to the above holey bowl...
so yr arrow goes thru & on anon thru multiverses to maybe land on some lifeless alien asteroid & fizzle to extinction.
FU 2 is my response.

Fractal art needs no defense, no apology. It speaks to those with the intelligence to grok its amazement, its wonder, its magic. Those who think it's boring, samesamesame are just dodos. Move on into Anu World. Have some fun.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Full Moon,Tornado & the Laughing Bird of Chaos

Oil crisis, threats of nuclear WW3, the Fire Beast ravages Californian coast, climate change events, interest rates, on & on the litany of horrors goes. The bird of Chaos hatches and we approach dark times.

Let us not lose sight of the Dream, sings some whacko on Rage as I type - images of the Rainbow Bridge to Tomorrow. Can you feeeeeeel it? Oh yeah...I can Feeeeeeel It.
So you jest gotta larf!!!!! Laugh, damn you, laugh.

Laugh at This

The full moon brought a real wotzit of a storm to the east coast which ripened into a tornado when it reached the caldera rim, ripping up Dunoon, destroying houses, the church and the primary school

Tornado ripping thru Dunoon

The Anglican church, or what's left of it. I saw what was coming and fled to my nice neighbors. The tornado of 2002 that ripped my place apart has left me traumatized - I just can't cope with storms like I used to. Fortunately the worst of it deflected along the caldera rim across the the ocean and missed us.

Got any scraps mum?
This over friendly kookaburra is now my regular evening visitor.

Stayed for a session on Apophysis. Ma Muse!

Today however he/she does what kookaburras do best & caught the poor legless lizard that lived in my woodpile. That big beak is not an ornament. Form and function!

This is a very intrusive bird. Sits on my shoulder & watches my every move - with a beak that big beside my face it is a little unnerving!

So that's Full Moon October 2007. Superpowers growling nuclear war, wild destructive weather and the Bird of Chaos has arrived amongst us. Hold on's a bumpy ride.

I came like Water, and like Wind I go. The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam XXV111.