Saturday, November 24, 2007

Carried on the Shoulders of Giants

My latest batch of Apophysis images. All of them owe more to the genius of the DeviantART crew than my Apophysis abilities.
here for the production details.

Julia's Star Flowers.

In honor of Julia Gillard
who today became our 1st woman Deputy Prime Minister.
Better times ahead!
Well done Julia!

Hear This!
It sings.

Wind of the Sun.

Kaeltyk Egg.
My version of Kaeltyk's flame.

Nights of Apophysis can do this to you.

Today is K1.
The first day of Kevin. At last the country can become more humane under his guidance. The harshness of the last government did not create a happy population. Here's hoping Kevin, Julia and their team can right the wrongs and get us fulfilled in all we can be as a nation in the planetary arena. The coming trials of climate, economics, overpopulation and so much more beyond our control, will be a daunting challenge.

All good children go to Kevin! He's definitely one of the good guys. Get behind the new team and be part of the solution. Together we can do it.

Congratulations to all who helped make the change to a better Australia.

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