Saturday, October 27, 2007

Full Moon,Tornado & the Laughing Bird of Chaos

Oil crisis, threats of nuclear WW3, the Fire Beast ravages Californian coast, climate change events, interest rates, on & on the litany of horrors goes. The bird of Chaos hatches and we approach dark times.

Let us not lose sight of the Dream, sings some whacko on Rage as I type - images of the Rainbow Bridge to Tomorrow. Can you feeeeeeel it? Oh yeah...I can Feeeeeeel It.
So you jest gotta larf!!!!! Laugh, damn you, laugh.

Laugh at This

The full moon brought a real wotzit of a storm to the east coast which ripened into a tornado when it reached the caldera rim, ripping up Dunoon, destroying houses, the church and the primary school

Tornado ripping thru Dunoon

The Anglican church, or what's left of it. I saw what was coming and fled to my nice neighbors. The tornado of 2002 that ripped my place apart has left me traumatized - I just can't cope with storms like I used to. Fortunately the worst of it deflected along the caldera rim across the the ocean and missed us.

Got any scraps mum?
This over friendly kookaburra is now my regular evening visitor.

Stayed for a session on Apophysis. Ma Muse!

Today however he/she does what kookaburras do best & caught the poor legless lizard that lived in my woodpile. That big beak is not an ornament. Form and function!

This is a very intrusive bird. Sits on my shoulder & watches my every move - with a beak that big beside my face it is a little unnerving!

So that's Full Moon October 2007. Superpowers growling nuclear war, wild destructive weather and the Bird of Chaos has arrived amongst us. Hold on's a bumpy ride.

I came like Water, and like Wind I go. The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam XXV111.

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