Monday, November 12, 2007


I've never been addicted to anything before. Suddenly I'm finding myself possessed by Apophysis, something so irresistible, so all devouring, pure fascinatio.

The following are some of my recent attempts to understand how Apophysis works.
The dog is still walking me.

These images only evolved via me due to various generous genius , mostly to be found on the DeviantART site. Cabin Tom, Claire Jones, Halcyon83, Ali, x-seraphin, Rozrr, shrapnlHunter, shortgreenpigg, shaun_rules_4eva, Sya, Saisao, exper, being just a few I owe more than I can say - scripts, flames, tutorials, gradients, tips and the art they produce themselves - all so inspirational.

The following I'd especially like to thank:

Mark Townsend for Apophysis
Erik Reckase for FLAM3
Joel Faber for tutorials and variations
Michael Faber for tutorials
Peter "Zueuk" Sdobnov for 3D and other variations
Piotr Borys for his 2.06 work
Elizabeth Tomchek for her scripts
Thomas Desloges for his scripts
Claire Jones for her tutorials
shaun_rules_4eva for his scripts, his art & just being the crazy spirit he is.

Thanks all of you.

I can't call these my own work, they all owe too much to the sources they evolved from. It's rather like saying you grew the fruit on a tree, when the tree grew the fruit , someone else planted & tended the tree for many years and you just harvested the latest crop

I dedicate these to you, (above), the Wizards of Apophysis.


I ran the shortgreenpigg's Jelly Bean script over a random flame & twitched it.

Some Of All Fears.

Sun Star
Having fun in the sun of Valcali's flames.

If you want to see the work of the real Wizards of Apophysis, click on the deviantART link on sidebar on right.

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