Saturday, November 17, 2007

Apophysis Tutorials

Been hard at work on Apophysis tutorials from the DeviantART site (see Anu Links) this last day or so. So much to learn in this amazing fractal generating tool. Obsession is the order of my daze.

I want to stress:

Below is the result I got from the DragonWinter Flower Tutorial from the Apophysis chatroom I attended today.
here for that tutorial transcript.

DragonWinter (DeviantART) Flower Tutorial Result.

Below is the result of another DeviantART Apophysis tutorial by Claire Jones, entitled
RINGS2 & Julian Guide, downloadable as a pdf file from here

Night in the Jungle
My attempt at the Claire Jones Rings 2 Tutorial

I am very happy with these results....wouldn't you be?

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