Monday, November 26, 2007


Yesterday spent creating images with Apophysis 3D Hack using the 3D WizardSoup script by ulliroyal.

They reflect the optimism I feel with the Ruddslide victory.

Wizard flowers are rising, spreading the magic through our lives - Kyoto ratified, work choices sorted, health & education bettered, Aborigines getting a more humane deal AND the big "Sorry", climate change addressed in useful ways, good women in the top jobs at last.

The pain lifts away - a great flowering of the nation's potential is happening.
Humanity can flourish.

I think back to the arrogance of the barking would-be dictator who kept telling us how tough love was good for us, ignoring all the issues that had us in strait jackets under his regime.

He may have believed his lies, but we didn't.

Now the Emperor has no clothes, in fact he hasn't even got a seat. .
Good on you Maxine McKew! She showed him, didn't she!
How to dance home laughing all the way.

Howard, like all arrogant people, now learns the cost of hubris and will be eating humble pie for the rest of his days. It is one thing to be our longest serving P.M., it is quite another to be loved by the people. He will learn that saying sorry from the heart is the mark of a good person. He claimed to be one, but his actions said otherwise.

So these surreal flowers below are a reflection of how I see it all happening now, here in Oz, as Kevin Rudd , Julia Gillard and their team step up and start the challenging tasks of creating health, wisdom & happiness in the face of very grim global prospects ahead.


This one below, created in Apophysis 2.07beta, came out of a DeviantART bubbles flames set with shaun-rules-4eva Simple Oils script run over 4th flame. Perhaps it reflects the cold hard jewels of those who would control us as hive slaves in an inhumane economically rationalised world.


See more of these images on my Flickr pages.

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