Friday, February 24, 2012

Latest Apophysis

Here are a few of my latest fractals made with Apophysis.
You can see them larger size & read details of their creation
here on deviantART

Dugong Habitat - where seagrass sways

Sing Ho! for the Life of a Droid


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hope Triumphant over Expectation


We made it - so far!

To help get us to 2050
here is:


Painting the Town with Light
I had a dream....

I had a dream that fractalists everywhere helped save our planet & cut pollution.

We replaced the use of wasteful dirty noisy polluting fireworks and often defacing & expensive-to-remove graffiti, with our intelligently used fractal images projected on buildings & night skies via lasers, holograms, whatever & accompanied by inspirational music.

So this image is my positive fractal affirmation goal for the coming year.

Imagine that all the fractals in it are animated and you can hear amazing music that evokes joy and laughter.

Imagine a New Year's celebration that went on for a whole night, where stress-free people wandered in a relaxed stroll to admire the beautiful play of lights, not forced to camp out to secure a place in a crowded packed venue to see an ephemeral polluting event that lasts a few minutes only and costs zillions in money that could be better spent on community health, safety & welfare.

Let's clean up our act & paint the town with beautiful light & sounds.

Already this is happening, Sydney, Melbourne and Holland have already seen such events. In the recent Brian Eno lightshow in the Sydney Vivid event the Opera House sails lit up every evening in wonderful moving light art as part of his presentation

A call to all fractalists - join the revolution and help save our planet

Take your fractal art to your local event planners and see if you can inspire them to paint your town with non-polluting light.

Ginger Lime Spritzer

I raise my full glass to us all



Thursday, August 6, 2009


Created by tao-armonia using a selection of my Apophysis and Incendia fractals combined with the music of Vangelis, his presentation takes you artfully on that primal spiritual journey that resonates in all our souls.

Follow this link
for the free download
and view Cosmos for yourself.

Enjoy with love from Georges and Anu to all

Friday, July 31, 2009



Blue skies smilin' at me
Nothin' but blue skies do I see
Bluebirds singin' a song
Nothin' but bluebirds all day long

Irving Berlin lyrics

It seems the global financial crisis is turning the corner into better times ahead. Well here's hoping. My latest Apophysis Escher-esq piece above echoes that sentiment. Maybe the leaders are just talking it up, maybe the unemployed are still suffering and maybe things still don't look as rosy as they could, but hope feels good.

Here we've had one of the best winters. Not too cold, good rains, and now endless blue sky days as we go through our usual end of July - start of August calm sunny dry days I call our "champagne weather". Each breath feels like "soma", recharging and reinvigorating every cell & fiber of the being.

Spring is very close, it usually comes arrives here in next couple of weeks. Already the Jasmine and Peach blossom are in abundance, heralding the warm days to come.

My life is Apophysis, as it has been for 2 years now. The complexities and intricacies of chaos tamed into meaningful art is so all-absorbing, so hypnotic. I am an addict now. How I love this addiction. The rewards for slavery to this machine, ephemeral tho they may be and only available thru it, fill my waking hours with delight and obsess my dreams as well.

PC addiction is often looked on as a problem. I can certainly see the problems of computer, IT & gaming addiction if the associated behaviors affect our survival. But at my age I don't think those concerns apply, as long as I maintain my health & safety. If I am hurting no-one, staying happy and producing a minimal ecological footprint with it, I do not see the harm. You can check out my work by following the links on side-bar and make your own judgments, remembering that I am a lame old woman and cannot function as that riparian botanist I once was. It is a rewarding way to pass the days of my dotage.

Swine flu is spreading exponentially throughout Australia. People are dying every day from it. The news today is that it has been found in pigs in a NSW piggery. Bellingen hospital staff & beds have been reduced by one-third by it after a swine flu patient was treated there and they are sending new patients to other hospitals. Yet still people are saying it is just the normal winter flu toll. OK, no panic, but surely it is better to face reality and embrace what is really happening, rather than live in delusions of what we would prefer to think.

The Grey shrike thrush has just landed in studio in front of me as I type this. It hops across to mirror and lets forth with its excruciatingly delicious piping melodious harmonic call. Go to the link to hear its' call. How can anything feel bad when the day is so magnificent and my visitor brings such rich gifts. What is happening on our planet is disturbing, but here all is peace and I am in bliss.


Sunday, April 5, 2009



Endless weeks of rain. Coastal areas north & south of here just had 1 in 500 year events. 26 inches in 5 hours up on Sunshine Coast & Coffs Harbor declared a Natural Disaster Area! Many lost everything in the walls of water that swept thru, taking all in the unprecedented surging waves. We had our share, but nothing so devastating. It has been an endless wet season. Good rains here tho, not damaging, just persistent.

It's been nearly 6 months since I blogged - so much has happened.

I've been Apophysing endlessly mainly. Follow the links on sidebar to see my latest output on deviantART. But been keeping my eye on global events. We live in interesting times.

The race to keep the tail up with the head is getting tense, but at least we have People of Peace (well, some!) trying to put the ravages of the past to rights. But with the latest news of the accelerating breakup of the Antarctic Ice shelf it is obvious that the warming process is far advanced. Too far for us to survive? Time will tell. Meanwhile the ridiculous wasters keep destroying, denying and generally ignoring the fact that we need to act as one to get thru what's coming.

Meanwhile I'm reading a book that fills me with joy.
Roger Deakin's Waterlog

I'm taken back to all the free swimming of my life.
Rivers, surf, lagoons, pools, creeks, dams and so on.

Drifting downstream on bubbling streams in Far North Queensland, only to find, on exiting, crocodile slides on the banks....oops!

Lilo-ing down Bell's Creek gorge canyons in the Blue Mountains in NSW.

Years of early morning laps in Sydney's Queenscliffe saltwater rock pool after running the 5 miles up Manly Beach & back.

The freezing cold dips into the Tamar River pools at the bottom of our cottage field at Hardstone Farm in Devon before and after my daughter Klea was born back in '66.

The raging force of the Himalayan snow-fed Ganges at Rishakesh .....then the eye-to-eye meeting the body-eating dolphin midstream of its'downstream turgid muddy polluted maninfestation at Varanasi. I broke all records to get back to the houseboat of louche stoned hippies who responded to my "omfg you should have seen it" freaking out as I threw myself back on board, with "Cool Man".

Countless naked dawn surfs on pristine surf beaches all along our Pacific coast here in Oz. Crystal aquamarine tubes catching the rising sun, dolphins in silhouette riding the waves in alongside me.

Bliss beyond bliss.

Mountain pools high up in the canyons of our old volcano, not called The Fridge for nothing!

Water has been the dominant presence in my life in so many ways, right up to the last real work I was able to do, surveying the rivers for appropriate vegetaion for restoration works by govt depts., Landcare & Councils & etc.

Now, lame, all I can do is live vicariously in the memories. How I long to swim in a saltwater rock pool just one more time.

I can dip in my creek, but that's about it for me now.

This book, Waterlog by Roger Deakin, such an erudite writer & dedicated swimmer & environmentalist is bringing back my love of water and so many memories.

I went to find him online but sadly found he died a couple of years back.

So I add this blog to the tributes to his ethos, spirit, energy.

In the Search I did find this site: SwimSallySwim Reading that has given me a new thrust and determination. I will swim again! Thank you Sally!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008






I've been learning 3-D digital art in a new program, Incendia , in last months.
Go here to view the other results.

The above Incendia images are my comments on what's going down as we approach the climate change tipping point and weather the global financial crisis, or the comprehensive failure of extreme capitalism, as Kevin Rudd expresses it.

I watch with interest. Uncontrollable forces affecting every living thing on this planet.

How will it all pan out?

I am beyond expressing anything much about it all now, except thru my art, as I doubt we can do much except try to survive. The time for remedial action was last century when we could have averted a lot of the problems becoming catastrophic by addressing biosphere carrying capacity in better management of sustainable life support systems & population controls.

I think few realised that the threat was real and partied like there was no tomorrow.
The future is NOW.

My opinions, such as they are, are in previous posts. However action is all that counts and apart from being as minimalist as I can in my lifestyle here, I can do no more.

Good luck everyone.

Try to be kind & share the burden, not destroy eachother in some blighted Mad Max scenario.

Yes, we will survive, but will civilisation endure?

How will it all look in 100 years from now?

I am coping by creating art (aka selfish pleasures), and appreciating this extraordinary thing we call life, living in hope that our stupidity will not result in our annihilation.

While there is LIFE.......ah yes, but will we be part of it?

Is HOPE all we have now?

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Here are two offerings to celebrate the
Winter Solstice, 2008.

*Chronicles d'Anu
A fractal fantasia.

*Anu Fractal Style
Have I created a "New Style" of fractal?
You be the judge.



Recently I've created a fantasia - a series of fractal images with attached brief fictions that link as the Chronicles d'Anu. Fantasy imaginings based on various episodes of my life's journey.

I posted the series on deviantART and some images are also on Flickr.

Chronicles d'Anu








Hope like what you find as you browse these old Journals.



DeviantART's cmptrwhz recently posted an Apophysis tutorial for the Julian Chain. I played with it and came up with heaps of images & posted the ones you see below. He calls them a new style of fractal. Read about all that here.

The below are the "new Style" fractal images.

What do you think?

Are these below also included in the "New Style" category?

Cmptrwhz says not, the "New Style" having the brew in the bowl being the difference.

What do you think?



Friday, May 23, 2008


Living in Interesting Times.


It's here, right now, and we are all faced with
Titanic-scale consequences.
Just how will it all play out?

An interesting concept.

We should have acted in the 70-80's,
but maybe nobody really believed
this scenario would come to pass.

The sudden awakening of the 00's
to the reality of the
tsunami nature of the catastrophes
of over-population, inappropriate technology, profligate consumerism, greed,
power-hungry rulers who fiddle while Rome burns,
biosphere breakdown,
climate change, gross pollution on all levels,
(etc. etc., you know the litany),
is just too late.

Spaceship Earth has too many passengers,
is powered by polluting technologies
controlled by power mongers with agendas
that somehow don't include
the well-being of the passengers and crew.

But of course I/you/we know all this.

Now we reap the whirlwind.


Hold tight, it's going to be a bumpy ride folks.
Prepare for colateral damage.

Monday, May 19, 2008



Full Moonrise over Rainbow Falls

All the above can be seen, with production details and, in some cases, a bit of prose poetry, in my deviantArt Gallery

I have been so sad. The disasters of the past weeks in Myanmar and China have been so appalling I haven't been able to stop crying at what I've been seeing on the news. So I have been diverting my mind creating fantasy art in Apophysis. Feeling so helpless, unable to do a thing to help, what else can I do except try to occupy my mind with the beauty within and without. There is enough being said about it all by others, so I'm not going into either horror here.

So I give you my art.

Ancient Magic was created in response to ideviant's extraordinary recent works, Sanctum Sanctorum and Illuminati Tablet , evoking old stones and fantasy myths. Unfortunately my attempts lacks the expertise of his works, but I was able to express something of my own fantasy myths, based on the Bradshaws, which would horrify my old Prehistory Rock Art prof no doubt! All done in the spirit of fantasy Michael I assure you. No, I don't believe in that twaddle, science is science, but I can have a bit of fun fantasising, can't I?

Meanwhile the champagne weather of late Autumn here is giving us endless beautiful clear sunny days reaching the mid 20's round middle of day, but crisply chilly in mornings and nights. The full moon in the cold crystalline air fills me with the joy of being alive, thankfully happy to be safe here in my mountain idyll in this wonderful Land of Oz, as I gaze into the universe and ponder It All.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008



Laughing Kookaburras - Dacelo novaeguineae.

She struggled thru the endless wet to feed her brood, begging for food every day at my kitchen window - see her in other pix by clicking kookaburra tag and here in my Flickr Anu Wilde World Set.

Today the laughter from the Native Tamarind tree (Diploglottis campbellii) brought me outside to record her successful breeding season as I see 3 juveniles and her mate with her, all cackling like crazy.

So I cackled back. Impossible to be sad with this mob around!


Yes a few spots of sun from time to time, but still showers most days.

The cooler weather has brought back my need to crochet again. Last winter I started on a granny square rug called Sunspots.
I put my cache of finished squares away in one of those ubiquitous plastic crates with the onset of the wet weather of early summer.


But I posted the details of its' creation on GrannyAlong. Today I revisited the site and saw another has come up with a similar pattern so I'm inspired to finish Sunspots, despite the fact that it hasn't stopped raining and the air is humid and moisture-laden. This bird-blind of a studio isn't conducive to a dry atmosphere, I'm surprised my computer functions sometimes.

I have been busy organizing in the world of Tapestry Crochet lately.
Met Megan Jack who makes extraordinary and beautiful hats.
Go to the Tapestry Crochet site (sidebar) to read about her and see other artists in this field I'm uncovering since I started the Flickr Tapestry Crochet group.


I'm having a rest from fractals for a while. I think I've got the hang of Apophysis, enough to rest on my oars for a bit and gather back the shreds & threads of the life I once lived before the Apophytis virus took me over. My main fractal cache is on Flickr and Picasa if you want to see what I've done so far - see sidebar links.

I've never had an obsession before and now I can see why addicts' lives fall apart. Time to show who's the boss of this ship! The lure of something so beautiful, so attractive, that becomes so dangerous. Now I've had that experience and can see how others can be taken over by various traps life can present. Just watch the news and see the fallen and the falling. Hear the stories of the victims who could not resist that siren song. Just like overcoming smoking or drinking, it is a matter of finding inner resources, of recognizing a certain objectivity and exercising willpower. It's all to do with personal freedom. Unfortunately many don't know how imprisoned they are by their own stupidity. We are, each and every one of us, such flawed and fallible creatures.


...the Very Big Snake digesting the 2nd last pademelon ....

Click on tag at side to see more of her.


Kevin the Reformer is showing us his stripes. What a powerhouse we have in him & his team. The last few weeks have shown his dazzling diplomatic form with his OS trip. Here in Oz we've seen, among a plethora of much-needed reforms and initiatives: work place reform, climate change, 2020 Summit, China (Olympics, Tibet & all THAT!). His latest coup is the appointment of the (first-ever) woman, Quentin Bryce, as our Queen's representative. Could be the last too, as Kevin, Julia and the Mob are openly declared Republicans and I feel we will be a republic before 2015, if not sooner.
Not a moment too soon for me.