Monday, October 8, 2007


After my brother and I visited our Aunty and Uncle last weekend I decided I needed to record it for posterity in this Cyber Ark of human experiences. This is my Aunty, today, in her 80's, the eldest of my father's family line. Sorry Uncle but pix I took of you were too blurred - camera shake!

My Aunty

Below, this is my Aunty and Uncle when they were married in 1947, the year my brother was born. The beautiful Australian princess marries her handsome British pilot. They have just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, with congratulatory message from the Queen putting icing on the cake, so to speak.

The fairytale is real

The photo above is from my Nikon Coolpix S6 snappa, taken through glass onto framed tiny snapshot, then Photoshopped to resize & clean up. It isn't great but it hasn't come up too bad.


This handsome fellow is my father, my aunty's brother who fought to keep us all safe in the Middle East and New Guinea. This is taken after the war in 1955. He died in 1972.

Mama, me & Grandmama - 1940

This is my mother, aka Dawn Gold, carrying newborn me with Ivy, my grandma (my father & my aunty's mother), walking down Pitt St., Sydney in 1940. Caught by one of those prevalent street photographers of the day outside Repins Coffee Shop. Mama died in 2004. See Post below.

These are and/or were my tribal elders. Now my Aunt and Uncle are the sole representatives of their generation in my family. They are strong and hearty and will prove what healthy stock we are in their longevity. I bet they outlive me and my brother, both of us being in less than great shape at present. Stay tooned!


Had all the best intentions of creating more Apophysis digArt today, but got lost in the Magic Carpet of Memories Room after my aunty asked me to list the chronology of my life events.
An interesting exercise that brought me to the Cyber Ark concept.


These pages and my Flickr pix are going to be around long after I'm gone (IF we survive the climate change biosphere breakdown crisis and I do mean IF, not when).
Here I will be able to be accessed by those who come after, so it's a time capsule event. Hello y'all, just in case you have found me.


View from studio south side yesterday evening as the first Big One blew in.
Green sky means hail.
It did, not here tho, but further east where it lay like carpets of snow.

Hail, lightning strobes, big sudden storms moving through quickly, not much rain. Suddenly the season has changed and it all feels dangerous. Memories of the 2002 tornado that wrecked the studio & garden. Another brewing, time to disconnect everything & put up storm blinds.

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