Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Remembering Diana

Paris Ritz Ring

A friend made this for me in the 70's from an old spoon found in an op shop.

I put it away for over fifteen years.

One day I got it out and mused over the memories of those days and put it on my table.

Imagine my shock when I turned on the TV and in a NewsFlash cutting thru the afternoon programs came the news of Diana's death after leaving the Paris Ritz on that fateful day.

I picked up that ring and held it tight. I swear I tingled all over!!

I wear it all the time now. It is something of a knuckle duster.
Every old lady needs one !

I'm posting this here on to mark the anniversary of her death.

I'm not a royal fan, but I couldn't help be drawn into her mythos after that curious bit of synchronicity.

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