Sunday, October 21, 2007

Divine Geometry.

More variations from one image, only this time I've discovered Mind Blowing Fractals, created images, taken them to Photoshop, played with colors & put them thru the Mehdi kaleidoscope Photoshop plug-in filter. Come up with hundreds of astounding images, each one a WOW gasp of delight. Next step is to animate them.

These ones are just a few from a set of 30, all from the one original MBFractal.

They take me back to the Alhambra, where the Moorish Divine Geometry and the sounds of water flowing and bubbling in fountains illuminated me at my deepest levels in an experience that still brings thrills in the remembrance.

This last image, part of the same set, is a cut-out mounted on gradient backgrounds.

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