Thursday, July 5, 2007


Been researching freeform & tapestry crochet & found a world of people who make extraordinary work. Some are so like my tapestry crochet & grid pattern knitting that I did a dance at finding like minded yarn artists who, a whole hemisphere away, have made things so like mine. Inspirational!

This is another hat I made for good friend Adi.

I've sent emails to some who have followed the Kaffe Fasset & Sylvia Cosh methods and various traditional ethnic work such as Peruvian, Mexican & old Celtic,Turkish, & Egyptian patterns & colors.

If you are reading this now I'd love to contact you to swap patterns & ideas & maybe just muse about crochet, knitting, color and/or the goings on around our planet these last months. I'll be fixing up the photos of my work for web publication so find that on my Flickr site:

As I write a foraging band of 5 huge black yellow tailed cockatoos is scrawching above in the trees that hang over studio. Lots of crashing onto the tin roof right above my head as twigs and bark fall as they pull apart the deadwood looking for insects.Time to get out the camera. They are so HUGE! Today winter gales abate and its a day of champagne air and warm sun. A day to sit in sun and work on my next project.

Love to all

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