Monday, July 30, 2007

Full Moon July 07

Full moon rose blood orange last night in smoke filled air. A lone wild dog howling & keening, A sense of time standing still.

Creeks down to last trickle. So dry. Choking on smoke lying in still air, can't see the mountain opposite for the pall. My eyes are streaming, coughing, blocked sinuses. Wake frequently in night choking, fearful that the fires, still some miles away on southern caldera rim, may have come closer.Still haven't had a bath since February. A hip bath when it rained a month or so ago, but as tank didn't fill I couldn't risk it, and have had to do with daily. bucket washes. Every drop gets reused.

But my problems are so small in comparison to what I see on Greek news. It seems the whole of central south Europe has had heat & fires, right down into the islands, Cyprus, the Turkish coast. And now South Africa too. I don't forget the war crimes in Iraq & Afghanistan

The bushfire season total fire ban starts tomorrow. It's bureaucracy gone mad. Why don't they declare these bans to suit the conditions, not the date ! Like the rivers, they are managed by states, not by ecosystems & catchments. When will we ever learn.

Meanwhile here is start of my latest project: SUN SPOTS, the dreaded granny squares, all so pretty, so clean. I wish I was. I think they are a reaction to my inability to keep myself & my abode as clean as I'd like in the face of stressed resources i.e. water.

Think I'll go up my mountain and sing on the moonrise tonight. Maybe the wild dogs will respond. This is what I call The Anvil, that time of deepest winter just before the hammer of Spring hits & all awakens for the new year of breeding, growth, renewal. The buds on the peach tree by the creek are just bursting. Spring will be next week. Hormones will activate, generating crazy behaviors, so watch out kids, it's all about to happen again!

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