Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Goldilocks & Anu World

Still busy researching yarn arts & artists. Found endless people & beautiful work thru Flickr & now have found to help organize my contributions to the cornucopia of work on display.

Here's my latest offerings, some pillow covers.

Created these with help of Flickr yarn artists' patterns. Working into new techniques & scrumble freeform crochet is my next Big Thing. Time to break out of confines of classic traditions & use the inspirations of Kaffe Fassett, Sylvia Cosh, James Walters, Sue Bradley & Jenny Dowde (not forgetting old bud Jenny Kee), to fly into Anu World of creativity.

Freezing cold. snow falling where snow hasn't fallen in last hundreds of years of record keeping.

Yes that biosphere breakdown is a happenin' & even our dodo P.M. is going on UTube to present the proposals to address climate change issues.

Ah, naivity reigns. What is coming is the result of what happened way back in the mid 20th century & before. Maybe reforms in energy use & pollution reduction will help in the long run but with so many of us swarming, consuming, polluting, I fear there will be a huge culling before it all slows down to a new Goldilocks life support system.

Who will survive? Will the oceans really rise & swallow coastal areas? Will we still have industrial areas to drive our civilization's technology? So many are in low lying areas.

Is it all too late or do we really have a chance?

It is all so interesting - the evolution of life on this Goldilocks planet. What we are and what we will become.

Let kindness and understanding rule as we hope for good outcomes in what seems a less than comfortable future.

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