Wednesday, April 18, 2007

the horror, the horror....when will it ever end, when will people be able to live happily, enjoy peace.

I turn on the news and what is happening in Baghdad, in Iraq in general, in Afghanistan, North Africa, Middle East - it's beyond grief, beyond words.

Our Australian news tells of 3 dead here, 5 dead there. Road fatalities, nursing & retirement home deaths, murders on the streets. Then, about 5th or 6 th item into the news we hear that 190 are dead today in Iraq with countless hundreds injured in just today's bombings.

We heard yesterday of the Virginnia Tech massacre, 30 plus dead and yes, horror, horror...but what about the daily horror the Iraqis suffer with that many and often so many more, massacred on a daily basis. Sickness. Souls who cannot see the reality of the beautiful life, the miracle of Terra.

I enjoy such beauty, such peace in my mountain sanctuary. I turn on the news and am presented with horror.

Do I shun the media, put my head beyond the ways of the other humans out there who are supposedly "my kind" ?? They are definitely NOT my kind of kind.

When, oh when will people wake up to the privilege of being alive on this planet, this precious life bubble miraculously, beautifully pulsing in time around that thing we call the sun.

Can we ever remove the terror from terra ?

Terrabubble, not terrorburble.

Helpless I watch civilisation destroy the miracle of life.

If only they could wake up and have the mother of all epiphanies..

meanwhile today's new visitor to my palm forest is the Catbird.
A simply awesome large irridescent bird that visits seasonally and delights me.
But nothing can stop the horror spilling over into even that innocent experience.

So here's the challenge of the day:

How to convince those who live by fear, violence, torture, vengeance and vile deaths that this life can be lived another way.

erhaps the realisation that paradise is here and not beond death might help.


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Anonymous said...

The greens and blues of the festival fireworks reflected in the darkness of the harbour, momentarily flooding Fran with a sense of wonder and awe at the purported intelligence of the human race, in the face of the Sixth Great Extinction of life on earth, knowing that fireworks themselves increase carbon emissions and contribute to Global Warming, it could mean the end of the party, life as we know it; she determined to do something, she could not stand by ”fiddling while Rome burned”.