Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We've had such a poor 'wet" season this year, but still it gently rains every day and all is green.
But it isn't enough. No floods this season. Tanks running down and streams only gurgling with no full flows.
I have been thinking of how little wildlife is left now.
When I came here 30 years ago there were so many different pademelons & wallabies, snakes, frogs, spiders, beetles & bugs, possums, quoll, koalas, skinks and goannas.
But the cane toads and the dogs the people who live nearby seem to need have just decimated the populations.
Now I am lucky to see one wallaby, one python, one goanna. The possums are gone and of 8 koalas only one is left as far as I can determine. I get rid of every cane toad I find, but they still keep coming. I haven't seen a frog in a few years. Once the nights throbbed with their calls.


Who cares ? Who even understands what the word means !!

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