Monday, May 21, 2007

War and Peace

I ask for peace and harmony and get a download of verbal abuse.
Why can't people make love not war ?
Our time on this planet is so brief, so precious and I'm not wasting it by allowing negative people with destructive agendas to violate my beautiful reality.
Personal chemistry, the flow of endorphins, dopomine, seratonin, all governed by the meditation & mantras generating inner harmony. Give it a go.
Watch the flow as your inner being starts radiating joy as the body's reactions respond.
Soon you too will find it all and ride your windhorse above the dross to the springs of inspirations where you can fill your cup with the nectar of bliss.
Life is too short. Come into the light of peace and joy.
Here is our latest family addition.
Welcome baby Zeca to Terra, our Goldilocks planet.
And Happy 41st my beautiful Klea.
Love 2 U all

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Anonymous said...

I wish you the beauty of birdsong and raindrops glistening from every leaf, little Zeca.