Friday, September 21, 2007

Orchids in the Moonlight

I'm a bit sick of all the snakes. Now I have not one, but 2, Night tigers coiled looking at me. One in dressing room beside bunk, the other behind me as I type at my computer. Small inoffensive Antichinus catchers.

So I'm posting these orchids below to create a better view than scales, coils & snakes eyes.
here if you want to see the snakes.

Beautiful orchid in full flower

I had thought this was Sarcochilus falcata, but others who apparently know better, tell me it's an Asian soft-cane species. So I'll do the keying out and let you know. Meanwhile whatever it is, it is beautiful. One of the blessings I count. By full moon it will be in full bloom. Then I'll take a moonlit shot.

Dendrobium beckleri.
The Pencil Orchid.

An Australian native orchid outside my back door presenting very well,
despite, or perhaps because of, the drought.

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Kirra said...

Keep up the good work.