Saturday, September 15, 2007

Goodbye APEC, Hello Very Big Snake.

my comment on APEC


Anu (would-be) Friend

This is what Spring has brought to my bunkhouse bed....I think she's about 12 feet long.

During the colder months she hibernates right above my head in the ceiling. But now she's out n about & taken to enjoying the comforts of the foot of my bed. Outside the net thankfully!

uh ooh....busted...!!

please, not the big stick again.....

evicted !

She's becoming just a little too cosy. I respect that she's a wild animal. She's just shed her skin and is looking very sleek and glossy.

I just hope I'm not in for a repeat of her mating rituals of a few years ago when 11+ males formed an "amalgum" - a formation of coiled stacked snakes all on top of the female to keep her down.

This happened on the guest bunk in direct line of sight from my sleeping position - last thing I saw at night....strangely I actually did manage to sleep...none were aggressive to me, they ranged from about 6 to 13 feet long.

During the day I couldn't walk in the bunkhouse for the snakes lunging in territorials at each other, loops of them hanging from the rafters, on the beds, under was quite an event.

Eventually I saw so many inside, and several blind ones outside in process of shedding their skins before joining the gang bang party, that I decided enuf was more than enuf & time to reclaim my territory. So I called an old buddy in who's son had just come back from studying King browns in the Centre and he and his mother relocated quite a few.

One enormous male remained. I decided to be brave & sort him myself but got fanged thru my hand. But he got the message and left after I threatened him with a big broom.

So now this one is getting too friendly. I don't want to relocate her, she's been around for forever here. Dilemma.

And so to doubt to wrangle her out of it first......I'm amazed I can actually sleep & dream pleasantly with a monster like this wanting to get personal...but I do.

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your pictures are lovely!