Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eclipse of the Blue Full Moon.

The Dark Hand of Chaos

A dark vision has emerged as I create digital images in Agony, SaVaGery, Chaoscope, GIMP & other recently acquired digital imaging programs.

With the Equine flu, the Bird flu, the Greek & southern European fires, the horrors in Iraq, Afghanistan, the African atrocities & famine, the price of wheat, stock markets in crisis, major weather events...it goes on & on.....all giving me a sense of dread as to the future of beautiful planet Earth, it is no wonder my art has turned dark.

Does it help to keep saying positive things, to play the Pollyanna card, when it is quite obvious that things are less than good.

Maybe it's the eclipse of the full moon doing it to me.

I look outside, I feel the beautiful clear balmy spring weather after a week of excellent rains.
All is well here. Hard to be the happy camper knowing the pain so many are in from so many sources.

Que sera...

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