Thursday, June 7, 2007


Here's the cosy blanket I've just finished for Zeca:


A baby blanket in Bargello style crochet.

Crochet. Double crochet (dc) worked into back loop of stitch below for rib fx.

8 ply wool (acrylics & wool blends only when colors not available in wool).
Create color graded stripes after style of Bargello embroidery.
Hook: 5mm.
Time for 1 row @ 10 mins. Total work time for main body of work: 21-22 hours (finishing extra). Size: Length: 130 cm or 4’3”. Width: 85 cm or 2’9.5” wide.

Cast on 170 chains
Turn, ch2, sk1 & dc1 into back loop of 2nd dc below, dc2,
(i.e. row starts with 4 dc if you count 2ch turning stitch as 1st stitch in new row)
dc2 in next st, 4dc, sk2, 4dc, 2dc in next st,
* 3dc, sk1, 3dc, 2dc in next st, 3dc, sk1, 3dc, 2dc in next st, 3dc, sk1,
(1dc, ch1, 1dc) in next st (top of peak), 5dc,
sk1, 3dc, 2dc in next st,
3dc, sk1, 3dc, 2dc in next st, 3dc, sk1, 3dc,
2dc in next st,
4dc, sk2, 4dc, 2dc in next st *,
repeat * to *
4dc to end of row.

Repeat rows using graded color stripes in manner of Bargello embroidery.

My own adaptation of Bargello crochet patterns found on web via Google Images/Bargello crochet.


East coast lows brings much needed life liquid renewal to eastern Oz. But only 12 mm in rainguage here. Still hanging out for a's been months! Must get to ocean beach for a sand scrub soon.

19 black cockatoos screaching out from their mountain refugium heading for riparian foraging.
Currawongs in the foggy damp dawn. Now its sunshine & showers and the air is crystal champagne. More like spring. Hormones charging the breeding mechanism...pademelons hard at it under recent full moon. Ah...dem wuz der daze...




Anonymous said...

Babies can forget fairyfloss pink, sky blue and lemon yellow when they see this exquisite Bargello wrap. Reminds me of peruvian rugs or tibetan cloud patterns... more like an heirloom, to keep for a lifetime.

Aim said...

wow, that is really gorgeous, thanks for posting the pattern! Love your work.